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"If you can put your dream or your challenge into words, 
then I can help you with it."

 Can't get to Sleep?

Aaron McLoughlin, Sleep Coaching, Life Coaching
B.Soc.Sci. (Psych),
Master NLP,
Clinical Hypnotherapy

Can't get back to Sleep?
Wake up feeling tired or cranky?

Is a loss of sleep affecting your work, relationships, study or health?

Are you finding it difficult to work out why your not sleeping and no matter what you have been doing you wake up dissatisfied?

Sleep is essential for a happy healthy life and so, when sleep it is not happening, well you may be reading this because you know what happens.
Sleeplessness and insomnia are major problems today and can be caused by a number of factors such as stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, worrying, illness and pain. In fact, there are many factors that can contribute to sleeplessness and, as many people will attest, sleeplessness can contribute to many issues in life.

Aaron McLoughlin works with people experiencing issues with sleeplessness and with associated challenges such as insomnia, weight gain, lack of motivation, depression and more. Sleep Coaching sessions are NLP and Hypnotherapy based and utilise strategies from his book Better Sleep Sooner.

The Better Sleep Sooner Book is sleep 'psychology' and strategies at its best, and it is unique because not only does it work with the 'hygiene' of sleep, such as, timing to bed, contextual considerations etc, it also works effectively with the issues that occur in our thoughts and feeling about sleep, both in and out of the bedroom.

The Better Sleep Sooner Book works effectively with the mental and emotional issues that can fuel sleeping difficulty such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, phobias and fears, using powerful mind-body healing strategies. So if you have attempted all the sleep hygiene suggestions and still need help then the Better Sleep Sooner programe may indeed be the difference you are looking for.

The Better Sleep Sooner Strategies, developed by Aaron McLoughlin are a set of tools and strategies created after experiencing many months of insomnia during a long illness.

The tools and strategies come from many disciplines, primarily NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and cognitive behavioural therapy, and are designed to empower people to take control of their sleeping issues quickly and without the use of drugs and without any side effects.

Aaron has taught the Better Sleep Sooner strategies to children and adults of all ages with continued success, and this success is a result partly due to the simplicity of the programme. He has also taught the Programme to Health Care Professionals in both New Zealand and Australia.

The Better Sleep Sooner Strategies are presented in seminars and workshops and very soon in online videos. They are easy to understand and to get 'to grips with' quickly.


About Aaron McLoughlin - Read - What got me into this work here

An attitude of curiosity is what drives Aarons' mission to help people not only enjoy the benefits that come from a great nights sleep, also to enjoy more of what life can give.

Having worked in the field of self development coaching since 1996 and having successfully overcome a number of personal illnesses and trauma, Aaron has a firm foundation of understanding and compassion from which to work from. Achieving a black belt in karate at 19 years old lead to an a deep understanding of the power of the mind to influence our body and our lives, a fact now being borne out in some of the most exciting research into mind-body healing by people such as Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Ernest Rossi, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Richard Bolstad, to name but a few.

Because of the illness that lasted for over 8 years, Aaron has practiced yoga and meditation since 1991 and has realised that a more calm and focussed mind provides an enhanced environment 'within' for healing and happiness. Aaron also runs classes on mindfulness and self hypnosis for mind-body healing.

Aaron has written three books: The Fascination Principle, Rapid Inspired Change and Better Sleep Sooner, all of which derive their energy from an 'Attitude of Curiosity' - With a change in attitude we may be able to transform our 'challenges' into healing, new directions or whatever our desired outcome may be.

"The technology for evolving our minds and for healing our bodies today is so far ahead of where it was 10 years ago. The strategies for personal development are powerful and they last."