"If you can put your dream or your challenge into words, 
then I can help you with it."

An attitude of curiosity is what drives my mission to help people enjoy more of what life can give.

Aaron McLoughlin, Sleep Coaching, Life Coaching
B.Soc.Sci. (Psych),
Master NLP,
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Having worked in the field of self development coaching since 1996 and having successfully overcome a number of personal illnesses and trauma, I have a firm foundation of understanding and compassion from which to work from.

Achieving a black belt in karate at 19 years old led me to a deep understanding of the power of the mind to influence our body and our lives.  A fact now being borne out in some of the most exciting research into mind-body healing by people such as Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Ernest Rossi, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Richard Bolstad, to name but a few.

Because of the illness that lasted for over 8 years, I have practiced yoga and meditation since 1991. Crucial to my recovery, I quickly realised a more calm and focused mind provides an enhanced environment 'within' for healing and happiness.

I also run classes on mindfulness and self hypnosis for mind-body healing.

Passionate for more people to enjoy wellbeing I have authored three books so far: The Fascination Principle, Rapid Inspired Change and Better Sleep Sooner, all of which derive their energy from an 'Attitude of Curiosity'.

With a change in attitude we may be able to transform our 'challenges' into healing, new directions or whatever our desired outcome may be.

"The technology for evolving our minds and for healing our bodies today is so far ahead of where it was 10 years ago. The strategies for personal development are powerful and they last." ~Aaron McLoughlin

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International Coaching Institute

"If you can put your dream or your challenge into words, 
then I can help you with it."