By Request I host Motivational Morning Rev-Up Sessions designed to give an energetic leg-up and mental boost with practical strategies at the start of your week or anytime you or your team need one.

Generally a one hour webinar where I discuss strategies for the mind, for health, well-being and for navigating the ever changing world we live in, using Zoom.

Alternatively, if you have a particular topic you'd like me to present, I am happy to tailor to your particular needs.

If it's something you'd like me to do for your business or group, contact me on 0211675150 or email me: aaron@aaronm.co.nz to book this in.



  1. Great Rev. Explains why I struggled to do the "wadda we want?"..."freeeedumm" chanting. I tried in support of the novel phenomenon that it provided yet it didn't feel the best cry somehow. Bless your work and thank you.