"You are a funtastic, engaging speaker that constantly keeps you enthralled throughout your presentation.  Soooo uplifting and refreshing to be told the raw truth and laugh so hard at the same time."

- "I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I was totally inspired and could have sat for hours listening and learning from Aaron."

- "I really enjoy being around like minded people, It's uplifting."

- "His enthusiasm was contagious, and I liked how he included audience participation." 

- "Aaron was funny, still making me laugh now. A comedy show with meaningful suggestions."

- "What an exceptional evening So much fun."
Invite me to speak and you'll be guaranteed to learn something and have a laugh at the same time. Whilst I take my work very seriously, I recognise the importance of an engaged audience and enjoy helping people connect to a topic with humour.
Presentations are an informal affair, tend to be interactive and always have strategies as their focus, meaning you get practical tools delivered in a fun way. 

  • Strategies
  • self empowerment
  • all aspects of how we think and feel 
  • how we structure time
  • motivation
  • communication
  • public speaking
  • goal-setting
  • prioritising
  • psychology and health  
  • meditation
  • hypnosis and NLP
  • EFT - emotional freedom technique
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • inner chatter
  • sleep issues
  • topics of your choice
Presentations and workshops include very simple, effective strategies that can be used immediately in your workplace and in every day life.
"We invited Aaron to speak at several seminars. We were most impressed with his confident speaking abilities combined with his likeable charisma. Aaron is very engaging, very responsive and overall, very knowledgeable and witty. 
We witnessed several audiences being riveted and inspired by his discourse. He generates lots of laughter and receives heartfelt appreciation for his passion and effectiveness of outcome. 
We have engaged Aaron to speak on camera and we have asked him to assist with some of our clients to reduce anxiety. We highly recommend Aaron for anything relating to public speaking, corporate motivation, or an individual looking for help to reduce conflict and maximise their potential. 
Thank you, William Bisset – Brilin Functional Medicine Clinic." 
can range in duration from an hour to a day.  Fees negotiable. Contact me on 0211675150 to discuss your particular needs.
NB:The presentations are not always PC and yet they are guaranteed energetic, humorous and full of stories and strategies - you will be glad you booked me.

I also give 
Presentations to community groups in order to bring positive and effective strategies to groups.

Over the last few months I have been giving regular informal presentations to community groups in the South Island. Most of these presentations have been about how to take control of our thinking and emotions so that we may feel more empowered and able to navigate these stressful and unfamiliar times.

These talks usually cover topics such as anxiety, sleep, positive attitude, the language of self esteem and how to make sense of what can feel a lot like psychological trauma and what to do 'internally' to deal with the remarkable changes happening around us.

"SO awesome, Could listen to him for hours.  It was all new to us, his topics were so apt, and his jaunty style is easy viewing.  And of course gathering with 'family' for an evening is so empowering."
 "Hi Aaron. I had the pleasure of hearing you at the Cashmere Club last Wednesday as part of the VFF crowd, thanks for that, you are very entertaining and to get a couple of laughs out was great therapy in the current climate." ~ George

Fees: Koha and/or agreed upon amount.
Please contact me on 0211675150 to discuss or e-mail me with your requirements on

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