Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Attention to Joy - Thank you Nick Cave










Today I came across a reply to a couple of questions asked of Nick Cave on his blog

The questions were: "What is joy? Where is it? Where is love in this world that is such an evil mess?"

Nick Cave answers in the most poignant way and I think his reply is a perfect response to the general 'state of things' in the world at large and most importantly how we deal with those things - could I write any more vaguely?

I quote a part of his reply that grabbed me the most: 

"For me, to strive toward joy has become a calling and a practise. It is carried out with the full understanding of the terms of this hallowed and harrowed world. I pursue it with an awareness that joy exists both in the worst of the world and within the best, and that joy, flighty, jumpy, startling thing that it is, often finds its true voice within its opposite. Joy sings small, bright songs in the dark — these moments, so easily disregarded, so quickly dismissed, are the radiant points of light that pierce the gloom to give validation to the world. That’s how the light gets in, Leonard Cohen tells us, casting his genius and delight forever through the cosmos."  

How do we respond to the forces that often appear to be set against us? 

How do we CHOOSE to navigate this environment of upheaval? and..

Do we have choices?

Choices are our greatest freedom. The choice to feel this or that, decided this or that: choices increase our potential for growth and for creating something different. 

In the darkness of fear and hopelessness there are few choices. Like fumbling about in a dark room, little is visible and we are gingerly feeling our way about in attempt to find something of meaning. 

Understanding how our mind works is one of the first steps on the path to building freedom by having more internal choices. Knowing how to navigate the internal stream of consciousness so that out thoughts and feeling support our lives.

Coaching helps us to build skills and strategies on the inside.

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