Sunday, February 28, 2021

Keith and Aaron NLP Conversations on YouTube

Years back, I met a bloke from Sydney who is as fascinated as I am about coaching, self-development, psychology, NLP,  Hypnosis and the language. At the time, he had penned a book titled 'Liberating Parents from the Tyranny of Should', published on, and it changed the way I thought about just about everything, so I contacted him.


Keith Gilbert and I began chatting regularly about the daily challenges we experience: communicating effectively, creatively, compassionately and constructively, especially when it comes to children. We haven't stopped talking since. The subject matter is always different, sometimes challenging and always taking a structural rather than a 'narrative' pathway.

A few years back, Keith and I started a YouTube page to share our conversations. 


Here is a recent conversation about Purpose.


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